Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ keeps an eye on pets when you are away

These days, more and more households across the world are raising pets. According to global market research firm Euromonitor’s 2021 Pet Care Outlook, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global pet care market has grown to 8.1 percent – an increase of roughly 50 percent on the 2014-2019 figures. 

Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ keeps an eye on pets when you are away

To help alleviate pet owners’ concerns, Samsung Electronics has included a ‘Pet care’ feature in its Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum. By using the SmartThings app, users can record a video of their pets while alone at home and remotely take care of their animals by syncing with their pet products from PETKIT.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have a way to know how your pet’s day has been? There are so many things it would be nice to know. How has your pet spent their day? Have they eaten anything they shouldn’t have? Have they knocked anything over? This is where the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+’s ‘home monitoring’ feature, and its ability to record your pet’s day while you’re away, come in.

Set up a home monitoring schedule, and your roaming security camera will navigate the designated locations like it’s on patrol and capture your pet’s day. Simply connect your Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ to the SmartThings app, and your device’s LiDAR sensors will scan the indoor structure of your home, analyze the objects2 in it and store their location to map out your living space. You can even set your device up to monitor your pets even more efficiently by telling it to monitor spaces that your pet is especially fond of. And if your pet has an accident on the floor, your Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ even includes a feature that allows it to identify the pollutant and vacuum around the spot in question.

When your pet exhibits abnormal behavior, it can often be because something out of the ordinary has happened. The way our pets behave can often give hints as to what has happened, such as when our animals stay curled up in the same spot because they’re sick. When our pets react like this while we’re not at home, we usually aren’t able to give them the care and attention they need in a timely manner.

Thus, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ acts as the owner’s eyes when they’re not around and quickly detects abnormalities in the pet’s behavior. Just turn ‘Home alone mode’ on when leaving the house, and you will receive notifications when your Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ detects that your pet hasn’t moved for a while. While monitoring their pets through SmartThings, users can also designate a start and end time for this option and receive notifications when their dog behaves abnormally.

The Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ also allows users to comfort pets who are feeling lonely or anxious while home alone by using the ‘Remote caring’ feature to play music or videos for their pets. When the pets exhibit abnormal behavior, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ notifies the owner and recommends a selection of calming, comforting songs from its ‘Music box’. Once the owner chooses a song, the music is played right away to comfort the pet.

Having to worry about pet hair all over your clothes and the floor can be a real nuisance, with constant cleaning required to keep your space hygienic. The Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ comes equipped with a Jet Cyclone, which applies powerful suction to all sorts of dust and dirt with its 16 air holes. The Jet Cyclone is also capable of vacuuming up even the less visible hairs shed by short-haired breeds without any issue.

If your pet is especially sensitive, even a small noise from a home appliance can cause them stress. Despite its powerful suction, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ produces less noise than other vacuums. What’s more, it is capable of recognizing and avoiding small obstacles like bowls and feeders and the pet’s excrement, thus relieving the owner’s concern over potential collisions with small objects. After the vacuuming is done, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ returns to its Clean Station automatically and empties its dustbin on its own, removing the need for you to empty it later.