Precision Tool

For the DIY types who are prepared for every situation around the home, office or even outdoors, comes Alt Pen a precision tool cum writing instrument that can help you repair or service products and do the odd jobs around the house that require tool sizes that are even too small for your screwdriver set.

A premium ballpoint pen that doubles as a precision screwdriver set. Alt pen is designed to be a tool you can carry and used anywhere you go. Alt pen is designed to be useful for those in technical fields like engineering and IT, but quickly found with attention to detail and style this would be a product that would fit into people’s day to day life too.

Alt Pen is well designed and balanced and can be used to fix smartphones, glasses, and even your favorite gadgets. A tool like this promotes users to care for and extend the life of their products thereby being economically and environmentally considerate.

The design features of the Alt Pen are minimalist, with precision details, and exceptional craftsmanship this pen was designed to give an incredible writing experience to the user while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. The design efforts employed in making this an incredible writing experience directly translate towards making this an exceptional precision tool.

High-grade machined aluminum has been used in the manufacturing process which makes Alt Pen a durable and highly recyclable product. Alt pen’s patent pending design features a front loaded D1 ink refill held in place by a proprietary magnetic ink retention system made possible by the “pen bit.”

The pen bit and ink refill can be swapped for multiple precision tool bits. Alt pen uses standard precision tool bits so users can utilize their existing precision tool bits. The Mono-knurl provides a tactile grip that is both ideal for writing and fastening screws.

The bottom storage holds up to 4 precision tool bits. The rear magnetic compression cap allows the tool bits to be easily removed. The bottom cap also suppresses the tool bits to eliminate rattling noises; this gives a premium user experience that most handheld tools cannot provide.

Alt pen has been meticulously designed and redesigned so that the feel in hand is natural and comfortable. Multiple functional prototype iterations have been developed – from 3D printing through metal fabrication – to ensure that the Alt pen will stand in a league of its own making it just the right proportion.