Trusted Razors

Gillette, manufacturer of the world’s most trusted razors, formally unveiled five new products in its extensive razor lineup to showcase the biggest facial hairstyle and grooming trends of 2018, alongside the tools needed to achieve the looks. The latest roster of product additions includes sought-after innovations and upgraded features at all price points with both disposable and refillable razor options.

The grooming looks launched and featured in their ‘Look Book,’ account not only for each man’s style preferences, but also a variety of other factors that make every man unique – including skin, hair type, physical features, lifestyle and budget. The variety of tools and techniques used to achieve the looks is a reflection of Gillette’s unique perspective that “One Size” does not fit all, especially when it comes to shaving.

To bring this to life, Gillette brought together five pairs of identical twins to model the featured facial hair styles. Notable men’s style influencer Adam Gallagher accounted for each man’s work and lifestyle, skin concerns, preferred look and budget when styling them – because even when men are identical down to the genetic level, they still have different grooming needs. Gallagher was joined by actor Justin Hartley, who also has some experience with the differences between “multiples,” thanks to his award-winning work as Kevin Pearson on This Is Us.

The ‘Look Book’ features unique attributes – from skin and hair type to budget, lifestyle to look – all factors influencing how a guy selects a razor. This also reaffirms the need for product options as diverse as men themselves, backed by a survey of 884 U.S. men. This 2018 survey found that nearly two-thirds of American men believe it’s important for razor brands to offer more than one blade option.

The R&D team at Gillette has spent decades studying both the similarities and unique differences between men, including virtually every factor that impacts their grooming choices. Knowing this enables Gillette to design smarter, better products that bring variety to the market and meet real needs.

With this knowledge at the core and a commitment to innovate with purpose, Gillette set out to deliver a more comfortable shave at a more comfortable price, introducing five new, innovative and upgraded products in 2018 that provide all men with more options to serve their unique preferences. These five razors join an already expansive product range featuring some of the most advanced shaving technology in the world.

The new lineup is an affirmation that men will continue to find both meaningful innovation and value in all product categories and all price points when shopping with Gillette. It’s a rigor and commitment to data- and insight-driven design that is unparalleled. Today, more than 800 million consumers trust their grooming needs to Gillette in over 170 countries, making Gillette the #1 shaving brand in the world.