Pocket Pen

While brands like Montblanc and Montegrappa have been resting on their past laurels, LAMY has been leading the way with innovative products and regularly coming up with creative writing instruments and the LAMY pico Pocket Pen with its sophisticated push mechanism, is another example of excellent design.

One of Switzerland’s leading designers and technology enthusiasts, Franco Clivio, is responsible for the design of the LAMY pico by Lamy. Clivio’s works are dominated by an unconditional focus on functionality as well as total abstinence from anything even remotely superfluous.

With the LAMY pico, the designer has created a timeless writing instrument with outstanding innovative technology. This has been repeatedly proven by multiple design awards such as the red dot award and the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

From pocket format to full-sized writing instrument, the LAMY pico proves that true greatness often lies in the detail. With a resting length of a mere 90 mm, this ballpoint pen is certainly among the smallest of its kind. A little push and the tiny M22 LAMY Ballpoint Compact Refill gently glides out from the body while the metal ballpoint pen simultaneously – and silently – extends to a length of 120 mm. This is made possible by two mechanisms intelligently arranged in the interior of the pen. At its extended writing length, soft color and structure details show around the refill and the rear part of the body, creating an eye-catching effect.

The discreet silver Lamy logo on the side of the pen is slightly elevated, serving not only as a roll-stop and visual eye-catcher – it also houses the connection between the interior and exterior part of the designer pen. Additionally, its angular form contrasts the characteristic round forms of the LAMY pico which guarantee for high writing comfort.

The LAMY pico is available in satin red, blue, and black lacquer finishes as well as in high gloss white. For that extra touch of class, the Lamy pico is also available in a polished chrome finish as well as pearl chrome (matt). The LAMY pico is one hundred percent “Made in Germany” – as are all Lamy products from Heidelberg.