Hyunjin C&T made a splash with the debut of their luxury gold skin therapy at Beautyworld Middle East 2017. The Korean beauty specialists introduced an entire range of innovative products that utilize gold leaf, magnetic therapy and oxygen therapy in innovative treatments aimed to revitalize and rejuvenate skin tone and condition.

The use of gold in beauty treatments has been prevalent right form Roman and Greek times, with Egyptian empress Cleopatra having been known to use a golden mask to enhance her fabled beauty.

Hyunjin C&T President Sunghan Jung said: “We would like to extend our business in the Middle East and introduce our best product, Luxury Gold Therapy, a VIP treatment that maximizes the antioxidant effect of pure gold. This treatment uses gold leaf, which gives a visible result right after application.”

Hyunjin is a specialized cosmetic company that leads the innovation of the domestic cosmetic market in Korea through constant research and development based on its wide experience and technical skills.