As sofas go, this would easily be the most bizarre sofa and highly talked about in recent times, as it is trending on social media networks because super model Kendall Jenner has just bought one for her Hollywood Hills house. The sofa shaped like intestines intertwined into a large woven nest looks like a blob – it is a small matter that this is a $52K blob sofa.

As with any sofa or couch you can sit on it, lie down or curl up. With no frame, it consists of 120 meters of tube filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane with a trace of goose feather. It is covered with velvet, which gives it a peculiar brightness in a groovy bluish-purple hue.

The sofa requires four tubes of thirty meters each, filled and covered by hand. Four people work simultaneously and in synchrony for more than a week. Two full days are dedicated to the final weaving to create this lavish couch.

Italian high-end furniture designer Edra holds a unique place in luxury furniture design, with pieces that go far beyond trends and fashion to create a strong tactile and emotional impact. Their designs incorporate sensual values that respond to contemporary lifestyle changes and enhance the user experience. Built on a tradition that combines the Italian design heritage with modern technology and careful research into new materials, Edra relies on the craftsmanship of sophisticated manual skills plus inventive creative talent to produce one-of-a-kind works.